Monday, December 14, 2015

Breakthrough in Dengue Vaccination

Dengue virus's proteins

This is for the very first time that dengue vaccine is available in Mexico and may reduce hospitalization rate by approximately 80%.  Sanofi’s Dengvaxia®, is the name given to dengue vaccine and contains protection against four major subtypes and fifth one which was identified in 2013 was not that harmful as little evidence was there to support that it infects people.
Sanofi, is a french based pharmaceutical company.

The development of the vaccine required multinational clinical trials of around 40000 volunteers nd it took  lot of time to come into action.
“When Sanofi set out to develop a dengue vaccine 20 years ago together with local and global public health and scientific communities, it was with the intention of developing an innovative vaccine to tackle this global public health need,” said Dr. Olivier Brandicourt, Chief Executive Officer of Sanofi in a statement. “Today, with this first marketing authorization of Dengvaxia®, we have achieved our goal of making dengue the next vaccine-preventable disease. This is a historic milestone for our company, for the global public health community and, most importantly, for half the world’s population who lives at risk of dengue.”

Dengue is said to be a very rapidly spreading infectious disease around the globe. It's symptoms vary from flu like illness with joint pains to Hemorrhagic fever which is life threatening. The risk of this increases with patients who are re-infected with another strain. Hence, vaccination becomes a vital element.

This milestone achieved provided 60% protection against dengue with different levels of success among the four subtypes and much less effectiveness was seen in children younger than 9 years. Researchers, will though continue to follow clinical trial participants for six years to confirm the same.

“Dengue is a growing health threat in Mexico and many other tropical and subtropical countries in Latin America and Asia. The first vaccine approved to prevent dengue fever is a major innovation and a public health breakthrough. Dengvaxia ® will be a critical addition to the integrated dengue prevention and control efforts. It will be an essential tool to boost on-going community efforts to relieve the long-standing suffering that this disease continues to bring to people in endemic countries like ours,” said José Luis Arredondo García, Associate Director of Clinical Research in the National Institute of Pediatrics in Mexico City and research member of the January NEJM study.

Vaccination will be available by early next year in Mexico, and the company is still in the middle of there journey to seek vaccine approval from other nations.


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