Thursday, September 17, 2015

Want to grow your business- keep learning -few tips

                                        Photo Credits :  " Anne Davis 773 "

Now that I have also started Sales and marketing, will try to share few of my experiences and the way I tackle that might be of some help for few of us.

But before writing about my experience like any other sales and marketing individual let me just highlight few points. As young individuals we doubt whether we’ll be able to convince people about our idea or not or at times we tend to get nervous and can’t strike or drive a conversation. How to start a conversation? How to go about it? All these will come to an end if you persist all the confidence in this world. Just be confident in whatever you do and everything will fall in line. You will have many attempts that might not go in your direction, but one thing you should always keep up is the passion and hard work. No one can ever take away your passion, hard work and confidence from you.

In one of my first client meet with one of the Hotels chain for a corporate health tie-up. Like traditional ways, I made a call and had a talk with the respective person and somehow managed to get the email id. The next step was to send an email to tell about the facilities and to set up a meeting. But we could not move forward. There were many reasons associated with the same. Just listing down few of them, which one should avoid.

Firstly, in this digital world one should always have a good website which we did not have. This is because in your first point of interaction over phone you won’t be able to share things in detail. One could always visit your website and gather knowledge. Your website should always stay up to date with content your prospective clients might be interested in.

The next wrong step was that we never made regular follow-ups. Even if you do not receive any response, positive or negative, one should always follow up. By following-up we are just making sure that even if we didn’t make a conversion, we are at least reminding our prospects from time to time.

One should never hesitate in calling or mailing again as everyone is busy and is scheduled with so much work that they tend to forget.

Content in your email should be just enough to keep it interesting. Let your client have few queries for your meeting.

So these were few of the points that I thought could have been done. No wonder every small move of ours has knowledge and new learning associated with it. Even though we could not achieve what we wanted but according to me it was a learning experience for the next.

So stay motivated, keep learning and just be confident in whatever you do.


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