Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Happiness is creating short targets achieving them and not thinking about future

                                                    Photo Credits : "D Sharon Pruitt"

Every time we hear about a successful start-up or person we are either filled with admiration or a second thought which arises is that how did this happen? We think to ourselves, what is it that these people do differently? However,  we all tend to forget that all of us have the same caliber. Our mindset and efforts determine what we achieve and that's what makes these successful lot different from others. We cannot skip hard work and more opportunities will knock your doors when you put extra efforts. Keep your eyes open and grab those golden opportunities.

Just be amongst those, who lead and are talked about and not those who just wait for the turn. 
Though I loved many dialogues of this inspiring movie Maanjhi but this one I just totally adored that is "Bhagwan Ke Bharose Mat Baithiye, Kya Pata Bhagwan Humare Bharose Baitha Ho".

Make your own destiny. Stop blaming people or circumstances for what you have not achieved in your life. Self- realisation is of utmost importance. Moreover, just don't keep on thinking about an idea , you have to bring that into action. Many ideas are not converted into successful ideas because of lack of action and dedication in achieving them. As it is rightly said by Michael Jordan " Some people want it to happen , some wish it would happen , other's make it happen".

So, just need to get up , don't think about future or past, just shape your present . So neither one can change past nor  predict the future but can shape the present .



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