Monday, March 23, 2015

What you can imbibe from the richest cricketer on earth

MS Dhoni, the great cricketer and one of the most successful Indian Captain has always been an inspiration for each and everyone around the globe. He is listed on the top position by Forbe's Magazine earning around $31.5million that is even ahead of God of Cricket "Sachin Tendulkar".


MS Dhoni has always come out as a hero.Cricket has always been an integral part of our lives. Though we all wanted IND VS PAK but now that this is not happening, all eyes on India’s match against Australia. I somehow really like Dhoni, especially the way he presents himself. Everyone says and try to compare Dhoni’s life from where he started as a small town guy. But in most of his post match conferences and presentations he always talks about the word that really fascinates and inspires me is “PROCESS”. His talks reflect the passion for cricket. It is rightly said that if you think about process, the way your things should go about and should be placed rather than thinking about end result is much more beneficial. Past is something that should be buried, just take the positive things from the past, learn and implement them in your present life. Present is something which should always be important.

These are some beautiful facts that are always heard from the captain cool. 

Its tremendous to see how he always keeps everything simple for himself, as we all know the amount of pressure and expectation we all fans give and have from him. The kind of positive persona he carries is mind blowing.

Truly he is a wonderful and an inspirational human being!

So are you amongst those who are totally inspired by captain cool?

IND VS AUS (#WONT GIVE IT BACK)- We will not surely!


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