Monday, March 9, 2015

Apple ResearchKit will Revolutionize Medical Research

Apple has announced ResearchKit, an open source platform to help in medical research. It will use sensors in iPhone like accelerometer, gyroscope and mic to collect data. For instance It has launched following apps:

  1. mPower - Parkinson's disease - University of Rochester, Xuanwi Hospital, Capital Medical University, Sage Bionetworks
  2. MyHeart Count - Cardiovascular Disease - Stanford Medicine, University of Oxford
  3. GlucoSuccess - Diabetes - Massachusetts General Hospital
  4. Asthma Health - Asthma - Mount Sinai Hospital, Weill Cornell Medical College
  5. Share the Journey - Breast Cancer - Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, UCLA School of Public Health, Penn Medicine, Sage Bionetworks

Apple showcased mPower app. It allows you to take test right from your home. Tests include Finger Tap test, Say 'Aaaaah' test, and Gait & Balance test - where you measure your gait and balance as you walk and stand still. To complete this test you'll need to put your phone in your pocket and connect headphones to follow audio instructions.

Apple also talked about Asthma Health. They will be placing sensors in New York City to collect data on environment and air quality. This will allow them to connect data from app users to their environment.

Apple has put into place good privacy measures. You decide whether to participate. Who you share your data with. Apple doesn't see your data.

The ResearchKit will be available on open source. As of now license is not clear and it is available only for the selected markets.

This I believe will change the field of medical research. There are over 700million iPhone users and many will come forward to contribute to medical research.

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