Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Another method to reduce body weight for men: Bonding hormone spray

A study done on a healthy group of men in Boston revealed that a nasal spray that is made of synthetic oxytocin, which is released during breastfeeding and sex, acted as an appetite suppressant.

"Our results are really exciting," says lead investigator Elizabeth Lawson, MD, MMSc, assistant professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School, Boston. "Further study is needed, but I think oxytocin is a promising treatment for obesity and its metabolic complications."

This test is approved in Europe but not in the US and it consisted of 25 healthy men whose average age was 27 and out of them 13 had a normal weight and 12 were obese or overweight. Randomly some were administered a placebo or oxytocin- based spray. 

Experiment was done in a manner that men who received placebo last time were received real thing this time.

Results revealed that oxytoxin nasal spray was shown reducing calorie intake by an average of 122 calories and fat diminished gradually by 9gms. This researcher found when they compared how much was eaten at the two breakfasts.

Researchers also came across the fact that blood tests used for the hormones that controlled appetite did not show any differentiation between the placebo spray and oxytoxin.

The fuel used for energy was the men’s body fat under the oxytoxin effects. As men did not report any difference in their appetites so it is not clear that how it affected the calorie intake.

Side effects seen were not that serious from both placebo and spray as said by Lawson. She will be presenting her work at 97th annual meeting of Endocrine Society in San Diego.

Can this reduce the body weight of men? Share your views.


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