Thursday, February 5, 2015

Two Out of Three May Get Cancer

kill cancer
"kill cancer" by "Samantha Celera"

Recent study warns that since 1960 half of the people born will develop cancer and this may rise to two third in today’s newborn.

Cancer Research UK forecasted that more than half of adults who were born since 1960 can suffer with the same in lifetime but for future generation it’s a more alarming sign. This is due to increase in life expectancy and as we know cancer is more prevalent in older age. But lifestyle factors such as alcohol, drugs, smoking, rising obesity and difference in child bearing patterns have shown that one third of cancer in future generation are because of the same.1

British Journal of Cancer forecasts says that 53.5% lifetime risk of cancer is seen in men who were born after 1960 in comparison to 38.5% who were born three decades before. However, for women risk has increased from 36.7% to 47.5%.

Study says that although life expectancy is seen to increase but due to bad lifestyle habits, majority of children are expected to develop cancer. Hence, one should be very cautious towards their healthy living. Professor Peter Sasieni said quoted “Probably we would be talking about two in three … of today's children getting cancer if we don't do anything,” he said, stressing that figure was his own prediction, not a formal estimate. He gave a lot of emphasis on healthy lifestyles by saying that most of the cancer can be avoided if we stay healthy.

So what are the ways by which you think one can reduce the risk of cancer. The only answer for this is “ Healthy Lifestyle”. Here are few examples of the same. Being physically active is very important to avoid a sedentary lifestyle. Having adequate amount of salt and high fibrous diet is equally important. Processed red meat should be eaten less and one should drink less alcohol. Quitting smoking is very essential. One should eat fruits and vegetables regularly and keep a constant check on your weight. Increased in obesity cases is one of the major concern now days.

Some form of cancer especially breast cancer in women have shown an increase in occurrence due to more and more of women turning obese. Other factors are due to changes in child bearing patterns along with fewer children, later motherhood and less of breastfeeding.

Late diagnosis of cancer is still a major concern for the world. Cancer Research UK’s chief executive Harpal Kumar quoted “We know that too many cancers are diagnosed very late and once they're more advanced it becomes much harder to cure. We can treat them, we can extend life but it becomes much harder to cure if we're catching the cancers very late.

So it’s on you, have a healthy lifestyle yourself and give a healthy life to future generations.


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