Thursday, February 5, 2015

Poor Psychological Environment at Work Increases Health Risks [Part 2/2]

"stress by Giuseppe Savo"

This is a continuation of my previous article where I discussed how stressful conditions at work could lead to increase in heart problem. I will now discuss how proper ergonomics should be followed in your daily routine.

One should follow a correct posture at the workplace. This includes 90-90-90 that is the back thigh angle is 90 degree, the thigh leg angle is 90 degree and leg foot is 90 degree. The employers should be considerate for their employees.1 

Here are two main principles to be followed for the furniture specifications:

Firstly, the product such as chair should be well checked for its quality, function and durability. For example, a chair, which is non-ergonomically designed, will be of bad quality and might break and result in sudden injury. 

Secondly, furniture used should always be taken keeping in mind the body dimensions of ones body structure. Do not bring in foreign furniture that might not suit your own employees.

India has seen increase in number of cases with the disease namely Carpel Tunnel Syndrome. This is a painful condition of hand and arms due to pinched nerves of the wrist. So, how to avoid this?

Do not sit beyond 30min at a stretch working with the keyboard. Wrist exercises should ne practiced and followed on regular basis. Do not be lazy to go and see your healthcare provider if you find early symptoms of this disease.

Other facts to prevent improper ergonomics are as follows:

Firstly, one should always use back support by not sitting at the edge of the chair.
Secondly, avoid sitting at a slouching position as this can lead to Musculo-Skeletal disorder. Lastly, breaks should be taken at regular intervals to avoid health problems. Stretch yourself periodically as stilt position decreases blood circulation.

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