Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Non-communicable diseases are killing millions world wide each year. It is impacting families, young and old alike. Find out how you can protect yourself and your loved ones.

Recent study from WHO states that due to non-communicable diseases namely diabetes, heart diseases like stroke, cancer and respiratory diseases the death toll of Indian population aged between 30-70 years has been reflected 26 percent. Their tendency to be chronic in nature seems to be more problematic. This is expected to rise in near future if the situation is not handled appropriately.

For developing countries it’s a bigger challenge. But as it is a lengthy and expensive treatment each and every part of globe is being affected. It’s quite disturbing to see the rising rate of deaths because of these diseases. Hence, I wanted to discuss few steps through which we can fight with these diseases as my main focus will be more on as many interventions that I can suggest.

Non-communicable diseases that are premature in nature are preventable by inculcating healthy lifestyle along with changes in our dietary habits. While going through a WHO fact sheet on non-communicable disease, I came across the concept of ‘best buys’ that include interventions, which have quite a high impact. Turkey, Argentina and Hungary are amongst few countries that have seen a quite positive change after applying best buys interventions. One of these include that all forms of tobacco advertisements should be banned which we can see on our daily basis. Rather, I don’t know how many of you have noticed that while watching a movie in theatre there are various advertisements seen how tobacco intake can affect our body. Others include early diagnosis and treatment of BP, reduction in salt intervention etc. Amongst all, my main focus is to improve our daily lifestyle. This is one of the accelerating factors, which can be controlled by each and every one of us. THINK. How difficult is this?

 It is said that ministries of health and non-health should work together and show contribution by bringing in there respective support but according to me it should be within us to save ourselves from this alarming situation. For this more and more people should be motivated amongst all strata of society to make them understand the importance of their life. Taxation on alcohol and tobacco are raised but this is of no use till the root cause is not cleared properly as addiction can make everyone buy anything.

It should be one’s self-belief to practice healthy lifestyle along with proper physical activity. This also includes exercise, walking along with proper relaxation and sleep. Keep a proper check on your weight by having adequate dietary intake. For all this no government rules and regulations are required. This fact can also be not forgotten that low-income strata of society should be well taken care off by all the government organizations along with everyone around the globe. Appropriate steps should be taken in order to provide proper facilities at each level, as it is rightly said “HEALTH IS WEALTH”.

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