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by the sea...UTI (Urinal Tract Infection) is the most common infection seen especially in women of all ages around the globe.  It is also known as acute cystitis or bladder infection. 

There are two types of UTI infection namely Upper UTI which is known as pylonephritis and is more related to kidney infection and Lower UTI which is known as simple cystitis and is more related to bladder infection.

Lower UTI
Upper UTI
1. Pain in lower back region of body.
2. Pain is also seen above the pubic bone
1. Fever
2. Flank pain is seen
3. Signs of lower uti are also seen.
1. Urge for unrination
2. Painful urination
1. Nausea
2. Vomiting
3. Visible pus or blood in the urine is seen rarely.
4. Symptoms of lower uti are also seen

Few cases may show painful burning sensation in the urethra region even when not urinating. In young children, fever may be the only symptom present. Few cases symptoms may be non-specific.  

Causative agents 

E-Coli is the most common causative factor. Around 80-85% of community acquired urinary tract infections are due to E-coli whereas staphylococcus saprophyticus is the causative factor in about 5-10% of cases. Catheterization process also involves UTI infection wherein the bacteria involved are of broader range such as Pseudomonas, E-Coli, Klebsiella, candida albicans and Enterococcus family.

It is also seen commonly in women who are sexually active as sexual activity is an accelerating factor, which causes urinary tract infections. As women are more prone to get this infection than men hence, they should be more cautious towards the same. This is due to the anatomical positioning of the organs as in women anus is quite close to the urethra. So I will now discuss that how can one protect them from getting this infection.

How to prevent UTI?

Here are seven simple steps by which you can avoid having UTI

Stay Hygienic

This is one of the utmost factor in order to prevent UTI. It is always advised to wipe from front to back. This can always avoid all the potential pathogenic bacteria to come closer to the urethral opening. Use the tissue only once. Never repeat the same tissue that can cause infection. Avoid sitting in the bathtub as bacteria can easily reach the bladder opening area easily by bathing in a tub. It is always important to wash from front to back. Douches have still not been proven beneficial in preventing infections of bladder. Try to empty bladder at regular intervals. It is not recommended to hold the urine. This will help in the circulation and flow of bacteria.

Healthy Dietary Habits

Water is an essential component. Drink plenty of water. Do not avoid. There are have been a lot of discussions over validity of cranberry juices to treat UTI infections or avoid UTI infections. One can always take cranberry in any form whether as a juice or as candies. One should avoid taking cranberry in any form if you are under warfarin medication. It is easily available in grocery shops. They tend to be most effective in women of young age.

Urinate After Sexual Activity

It is always advisable to urinate immediately after exercising sexual activity. This prevents accumulation of pathogenic bacteria into the urethral opening. It is always recommended to drink a lot of water. Some are also advised to take antibiotic or apply antiseptic creams to prevent occurrence of UTI. One should avoid using cauterization as this also enhances UTI.

Avoid Non-breathing Fabrics

One should always avoid tight fitting undergarments and before sleeping one should always change. The fabric made should not be under the classification of non-breathing fabrics. Hence, cotton is suggested as it avoids the build up of moisture that in turn prevents the growth of bacteria.

Use Feminine Wash (like Lactacyd)

This will give you a feeling of freshness and maintains the normal ph of intimate areas as it contains Lactic acid and Lactoserum as its ingredients. This will also prevent any kind of irritation, itching and helps in strengthening the natural protection of intimate organs.

Use of Vaginal Creams

Estrogen vaginal creams are used to increase resistance to UTI and maintain the areas healthy.

Stand and Pee

Do you find public toilets a hassle? Here comes an answer for the same. There are various products in the market by which women can actually stand and urinate. For example "P-Mate or Buddy Pee". One should practice under the shower before using it.

Treatment of UTI

All the preventive measures should be taken which are mentioned above. Uncomplicated cases may require antibiotic treatment. This has become really important, as bacteria tend to show resistance to antibiotics. One should always get urine culture and examination done before and after the treatment. Complicated cases require proper evaluation along with aggressive treatment protocols and follow-ups. 

Recurrent UTI has been a major concern for many women. This makes them undergo antibiotic treatment again and again, which in turn disturbs the bacterial flora leading to gastritis. Hence, drink plenty of water to stay hydrated along with that have pro-biotics on regular basis.  Follow the entire regime properly and it is very important to get yourself checked even after the treatment gets over.

Ever suffered from UTI and don’t want to get it again? Just follow these simple seven ways and prevent yourself.

Kindly leave your comments and suggestions in order to share more preventive measures.




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